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and you can’t get experience without a job!

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Experience is important. Real world experience in a supported environment is unique.

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Not Just a Job.

We have opportunities available for College Pro Window Cleaning.

College Pro Window Cleaning

Do something that’s different next summer. With your own window cleaning business, learn how to recruit, hire/train a team of technicians, market your business, manage a payroll, and meet customer expectations

It’s a ton of work, but it’s cool to have run your own business, to put it on your resume, and go into interviews in the future and be able to talk about your experiences. It’s really awesome

Kelly Cronin College Pro
Kelly Cronin

If you are looking to develop yourself personally in business, working on your self-discipline, your leadership skills, management skills, this is a fantastic opportunity to do that.

Brett Hilker College Pro
Brett Hilker